My Journey in Programming has been a Mix of High and Low- Iyiola Akanbi

Iyiola Akanbi is a 17 year Mobile App and Software Developer. He started coding in 2019 and within a short period of time, he has been able to learn over 5 programming languages. He spoke with Rubies Technologies about his journey into tech. Excerpt…

 Can we meet you?

My name is Iyiola Akanbi. I am a 17 year-old software developer. I attended Nigeria international Turkish school and I graduated in 2019.

When did you start coding?

I started coding in September 2019, just immediately after my secondary school

What led you to that?

I have passion for computer and programming but I don’t have time for it but the little time I have after my secondary school, I wanted to put it into use. I wanted to learn JavaScript then but my sister’s friend said I can’t learn it directly but I have to start from HTML and CSS. She guided me through that path

How has the journey been?

It has been a mixed of high and low. There has been sometimes that it seems it wasn’t working

How many projects have you worked on?

Most of my good projects are done with Flutter. One of the major projects I did was one I did with HNG called MEDBUG. It is a health software.

How has the community helped you?

The flutter community has been helpful. When I first started, I reached out to some people and they helped me whenever I have issues.

What are the challenges young people are facing?

Personally I don’t really have challenges expect in age when I apply for jobs. Also I started coding immediately after secondary school, so it wasn’t a big challenge to me to learn at ease.

Did you teach yourself or you attended a physical class?

When I started, there was a physical class I attended and that was where I met my first friends. One was an Android person and other a PHP developer. It was just like a mentoring stuff till I left there after 2 months.

 How many programming languages do you know?

I dabbled to a lot but I am proficient in Golang, Dart, JavaScript, Kotlin etc.

Which of the languages is challenging?

It’s JavaScript. Also some concept in Golang is challenging              

Did your parents support you when you started?

My parents supported me; they even got me a laptop. They really encouraged me

What advice do you have for kids that want to go into programming?

I will tell them to just enjoy it

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