Rubies Tech Programs

Virtual and Physical Programs majorly created for Kids & Teens but also available for adults.

Private Coding Class

Our Private Code Class (one-on-one training) is a scheme developed to train students on programming personally based on their schedule and mode of learning. This type of training gives the trainee the flexibility of choosing when they want to have the training and time frame that meets their convenience.

Weekend Group Class

This program takes place on Fridays (evening) Saturdays (morning) for about three hours. The students get to learn in the company of other students and it is done online. This program was created for those who would like to have the Private Code Class courses in a group setting

Brace Conference​

This is an annual conference that accommodates kids and teens worldwide, the conference works in an interesting pattern. Kids that have been experienced in the Information Technology sector get to speak at this conference and others get to learn from them. It’s FREE to attend.

Summer of Code

Summer of Code is a 5-week virtual Bootcamp consisting of 4 weeks of intensive lectures, teamwork, capstone projects, and a final project. At the end of the project, each student makes a project presentation

physical coding bootcamp

RTF Physical Bootcamp

We organize Bootcamps to bring kids into the technology world by introducing them to the most fundamentals of programming. The students are mandated to complete a project before getting certified.

School Tech Tour​

We visit different schools to orientate, expose, and educate them about technologies and their importance. It is a Free Program and we get sponsors from different parts of the world to make kids aware of technologies and their opportunities. Schools interested in hosting us can reach out, terms and conditions apply

Code Club

Rubies Code Club

In the course of the School Tech Tour, we set up Code Clubs in schools that want their students to get programming knowledge in addition to their regular school curriculum. The Code Club could either be during holidays (Summer of Code) or during Academic session



As a way of encouraging and giving visibility to young ones who are building solutions in the tech field, we have the kids’ spotlight initiative to tell the world about these kids. We organize interviews for them, curate their stories, and publish on our blog. This is an avenue for them to get noticed and get bigger opportunities in life. 

Curriculum-based Learning


5-7 Years


8-14 Years


15-18 Years

School Tech Tour & Code Club

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