We are Building the African Future

Rubies Technologies is a social enterprise that is focused on building the future, we believe in the possibilities of kids and teenagers improving lives and solving problems with the use of technology. We are dedicated to inspiring and teaching kids to be innovative and to solve problems.

As we all know, the technology industry is fast growing at an incredible pace and the need for designers, programmers, problem solvers, and innovators keep increasing. It is therefore imperative that concentrated effort be directed towards teaching the younger generation in order to fill the tech jobs/gaps that are believed to be coming in the next decades.

As an institute that is known for sustainable development and innovation by training children, we strongly believe in educating the younger generation, this is because children are the leaders of tomorrow.


To equip, train, and empower Africans with emerging technological and digital skills for global relevance.


To ensure all Africans are digitally and technologically empowered to solve problems and create value.

Our Core Values

S - Strength

E - Excellence

G - Growth

I - Integrity

I - Innovation

C - Commitment

What We Do

School Tour

We have a reliable team that plans and organizes visits to secondary and primary schools where we teach the students how to code.

Code Classes

We offer coaching in any of the four categories for individuals and schools. By learning from the experts, you too can become an expert.

We Believe in the African Child

By training every African Child and ensuring they’re equipped with the required knowledge, we believe Africa is on it’s way to the global stage.