Adetunji Adeyinka

I want to Initiate Nigeria Silicon Valley- Adetunji Adeyinka

Adetunji Adeyinka is a student of Caleb International College, a web developer, IOS & Android developer enthusiast. He has worked on over 20 projects and has the goal of putting more Nigerians in the tech industry.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Adetunji Peter Adeyinka, a student of Caleb International College and the labour prefect. I am a web developer and upcoming IOS and Android developer

When did you start coding?

It started in school. I knew a friend of mine who started little HTML & CSS and I got interested in it. I started checking online and over the night I created my first website and I was surprised I could do so much. I was very curious about how I could make so many applications and change the world for the better

How has the experience been?

To rate it over 10, I would say 7.5% and the reason is that I have to combine my school work and coding. During exam, I have to pause coding work for exam or I just have to leave it for a while. It really slowed me down from learning new things but during the lockdown, I really went back to coding.

Did you start online or physical class?

I started with W3school and from there YouTube and Udemy. I still check W3School till now to check my line of codes. I didn’t  get any physical class

How many projects have you worked on?

Some of them are not online but they should be 20 plus

In some of the projects, what were you trying to solve?

My first project was in PHP, I was trying to make a school finder whereby parents can go there and check schools out. Then you can see the photos of the schools, the website and you can apply for the school. It was a collaboration with one of my friends, Eniola Osabiya

Have you been getting support?

When it comes to support, there are not so many programmers around my area. I met some on Twitter and it was through my school friends, Tolu Olatunbosun and Eniola Osabiya that I know other programmers.

At what class did you start?

I was in jss3

What motivated you?

The motivation was “what can I do to improve the world”

What are the challenges you are facing at home?

They got me a computer in jss3 and they know more about what I am doing

What are challenges young like you are facing in the tech industry?

The main issue is where to start. I was speaking with one of my friends recently who want to go into programming. I asked if she had started anything but she doesn’t know where to start so I had to start writing down some websites that will help her go through the process. Coding is easy if you actually break it down and simplify what you want to do

However, one of the challenges is age barrier. There are some jobs I could have applied for but they would say they need someone of this age or you should be in higher institution and that was really a let-down for me

Are you still in secondary school?

I am in my final year in secondary school

How did you manage coding and school?

My parents actually assisted with internet connection and helped me managed my time.

At first, my parents didn’t understand what I was doing. My Dad did ask what was I doing but at a time they started supporting me. Now I asked them for ideas. At a time, they gave me a phone, internet connection and computer.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I want to be a CEO of a tech company and I want to transform Nigeria. I want to initiate Nigeria Silicon Valley and I want to put more Nigeria in the tech industry

How many programming languages do you know?

I know Html, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, SQL Mysql, JavaScript and more

Out of the languages which is challenging?

When it comes to being hard, one thing I do is know what I want to do and simplify it to the simplest format for quick understanding.

What problem do you want to solve with your tech knowledge?

The problem I noticed is that a lot of people don’t know what technology can do and that’s some of the things I noticed.

I want to create a site where parents can check on schools they can enroll their children. There are many ideas coming to my head and basically, the idea is on education and self-development.

What advice do you have for kids going into programming?

Get a very good teacher maybe through YouTube or other sites and like I said try to break things down when you want to solve issues. Check stack overflow or Google when you have a problem

Do you have a mentor?

Eniola Osabiya, he’s my friend and he’s actually pushing me harder to be better

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