Virtual Bootcamp

Rubies Technologies Virtual Bootcamp is a three(3) week project which includes Two(2) weeks of training and One(1) week project. Aside from learning how to code, the kids will get to work with other kids on projects and also solve problems around them. During the Bootcamp, the kids will be taught how to write codes, design, critical thinking, project presentation, and project solving skills.

We would be having Four tracks for the Bootcamp and your kids are allowed to pick one out of the four(4).

The tracks include:
  1. Scratch Programming: Scratch is a platform that can be used to develop games and animation. The children will be introduced to setting this app up and also learn how to develop games with the application.
  2. Introduction to Web Design: The children will be introduced to HTML, CSS, and a little of JAVASCRIPT. They will learn how to use the listed technologies to build a website and other applications.
  3. Introduction to Python Programming: Python is a multipurpose programming language. The children will be introduced to the basis of Python and they would also get to create solutions with the language.
  4. Introduction to App development: The children will be introduced to app development with technologies like App Inventor.



Skills Involved

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Scratch, Python, App Inventor

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