Insights from Experts: Rubies Technologies Explores Importance of Early Tech Education for Children

On January 28th, 2024, Rubies Technologies held a Twitter Space discussion titled “Coding for Kids: A Global Conversation”. The event was led by Adefila Ayobami, aiming to shed light on the importance of introducing children to coding at an early age. Speakers at the event included Starboy Abefe, a data analyst; Mr. Toyyib Adewale, project engineer (UK) and Mrs. Bukki Okiji, project manager (UK) who all engaged in a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences, with Adejoke James, a tech educator serving as the co-host.

Starboy Abefe kicked off the substantive discussion by underlining the pivotal role of technology in today’s society, advocating for its integration into children’s education. He emphasized the everyday presence of technology in children’s lives and the benefits of introducing them to tech to enhance their skills and creativity. He stated that when parents knowingly introduce kids to tech, they should help guide them to use these devices efficiently, build their creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

Bukki Okiji shared her personal journey, recounting her early exposure to tech and the myriad opportunities it unlocked. She mentioned her experiences helping her dad install his computers, and she addressed the hesitancy some parents feel in engaging their children with tech due to a lack of understanding and fear of the unknown. She further emphasized the necessity of equipping children with digital skills, remarking, “If you don’t learn, you will be left behind.”

In response to queries about parental guidance in tech education, Bukki recommended starting with accessible platforms and seeking mentorship opportunities. She also highlighted Rubies Technologies’ commitment to empowering kids with tech proficiency, offering assistance to perplexed parents.

Toyyib Adewale emphasized the rapid evolution of technology and its significance in today’s world. He highlighted the versatility of tech skills and the potential for children to excel in any field by mastering these skills from an early age. He stated, “Tech is basically the only field that transcends barriers as you can apply your knowledge of tech in any field you want to and work from anywhere in the world.”

He mentioned that over five decades ago, the biggest companies in the world were probably oil companies, but in the last few decades, the biggest companies in the world are in the tech field. He emphasized the importance of parents understanding where the world is going and involving their children. He concluded by saying that billions of dollars are being made every day, and if parents want their kids to earn from this money, coding is the new language.

He also addressed myths around coding, emphasizing the need for parents to stay ahead in understanding technology and the potential for children to master tech skills at a young age. He believes that parents should monitor their kids when they learn tech skills to ensure they do what they are supposed to do. While some may argue against introducing kids to tech early, he mentioned many tech gurus today who had started learning tech from a very young age and had made achievements as kids like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. According to him, the key part about this is mastery, so when kids start learning tech from an early age, they have the opportunity to master these skills.

The speakers explored various avenues for introducing children to coding, advocating for coding workshops, STEM activities, and digital literacy initiatives.

Adejoke underscored the importance of kids learning tech and the availability of parental controls to ensure safe internet usage. She also shared her experience teaching tech skills at Rubies Code School, highlighting the impressive abilities of young children in learning and applying tech skills to solve real-world problems.

The Twitter Space discussion offered invaluable insights into the imperative of tech education for children, signaling a successful endeavor towards fostering digital literacy.

To access the recorded conversation, kindly visit Rubies Technologies’ Twitter page.

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