Importance of two factors authentication


I am sure you have heard of superheroes and their amazing work. Now, you will notice that these superheroes have special powers to fight evil guys. These special powers make it easy for them to fight off the bad guys.

For instance, superman’s extraordinary power is his strength and power of flight. Thor’s own is his enchanted hammer. The web is Spiderman’s primary weapon, while that of Captain America is his vibranium shield. Now, without these extraordinary powers, it would be almost impossible to fight the bad guys. And what happens when there is no one to fight the bad guys? You know the answer.

As a digital prodigy, you also have special powers to fight off the bad guys in the tech ecosystem. These bad guys are called hackers, and with your special power of Two two-factor authentication (2FA), you can fight them off.   

But first, what is 2FA?


Now, imagine you have a stash, a secret stash, where you keep your chocolates and only want your friends to know the place. But what if someone else discovers the stash and starts going behind you to pick chocolates? 

That’s where 2FA comes in.

As an additional layer of security. Such that without the pass key, no one except you and your friends can pick chocolates from the stash.

Importance of 2FA!

Extra Protection

Some passwords are easy to guess. Especially simple ones like “0801″, “1234″, or your birth year. So easy and simple that your friends can easily unlock your device or log in to your social media account behind your back.  

However, with 2FA, they still won’t be able to access your without the second piece of information. Remember when you used to have two locks on your grocery box in boarding school instead of one? 

Keeping your stuff safe

If you have a lot of information online and someone tries to hack your account, 2FA helps to keep this vital information safe and protects them from cyberbullies and hackers. 

It stops cyber villains.

Remember the bad guys I mentioned earlier? 2FA makes it easier to stop these villains. In other words, 2FA is like having your personal superhero shield protecting your digital world.

How Does 2FA Work?

Now that you have learned how important 2FA is, let me tell you how it works.

2FA works in two steps

i. Password

ii. A piece of information

First, you set a unique password and then use a second piece of information. It could be a code sent to your mobile phone, a fingerprint scan, or a retina scan. 


2FA is like having a superhero guard your digital world; it adds a layer of security and protection. It also keeps your important stuff safe and stops cyber villains.

Next time you or your loved ones set up an account, remember to enable 2FA. 

Stay safe

Stay smart

And keep your online world secure

Written by Abdullateef Badmus

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