How Watching Sci-fi Movies Inspired Me into Tech- Precious Mozia

Precious Mozia, is a 19-year-old dynamo with a flair for innovation and a fervor for problem-solving in the tech field 

In this interview, we embarked on a journey through Precious’s experiences, from her early fascination with sci-fi to actively contributing to projects addressing real-world issues. Join us as we uncover the challenges she conquered, the wisdom she imparts, and her aspirations for the future. Excerpts….

Can we know you?

My name is Precious Mozia and I’m 19 years old. I have been in tech for over a year now.

Tell us about your academic journey.

I finished secondary school in 2021 and I got fully in tech in January 2023. I plan on continuing my education next year by God’s Grace.

How did your interest in technology first develop, and at what age did you start getting into it?

I love watching sci-fi movies, and I used to watch The Flash I would also see Cisco working on cool programs on his laptop and I found it quite interesting. I got into tech when I was 18 years old by then I was done with school and had enough time.

Can you recall a specific moment or experience that sparked your fascination with tech?

When I was in school I was taught scratch programming and I was told the application could be used to build games I was eager to know what other things I could do with different technologies.

Can you tell us some of the projects you’ve worked on and the problems you tried to solve?

Earlier this year I participated in Technovation(a competition for girls between 8-18), I and my teammates worked on an app which I developed to detect a type of skin an individual has and based on that recommend skin care products to the users. The main aim of the app was to reduce skin complications in line with SDG 3(Good health and well-being).

How many programming languages do you know?

I know three programming languages at the moment which include: Python, Flutter, and C++(which I’m currently learning).

Did your parents have any initial concerns or reservations about your interest in tech, and how did they react?

Not really, they liked what I was doing but their main concern was that I was always on my laptop.

Which one (programming language) was initially difficult and how did you overcome it?

I would say Flutter because I had to learn the learn in a short period in other to be able to complete the project on time. To make things easier I reached out to a friend of mine who has experience with writing Flutter and I made use of a lot of online resources to make the learning process easier.

If given a chance, what problem is Nigeria facing and you like to use your knowledge to solve it?

To problem I would like to solve is the issue of lack of quality education and youth empowerment too. I hope to have an NGO in the future that will empower youths with skills which can help them start a career and also help young children get access to quality education.

Are you a self-taught programmer? If Yes, how did you start?

Yes, I am. I started learning to code by watching a YouTube tutorial on my sister’s laptop and I was able to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript. I also took an introductory course on web development on Coursera.

What are your future aspirations in the field of technology and where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, I see myself making ways in the Cloud development area in tech.

As a young tech prodigy, can you say  young people are given a chance to operate in the tech field?

Well in a way yes but most people might doubt you probably because of age or other factors. The best thing is to let your work speak for itself.

What advice would you give to young people looking forward to starting a tech career?

My advice is even though it might seem overwhelming/difficult at the beginning just remember in the end it’s going to be worth it. 

What advice would you give to parents?

I would say parents should try to support their parents in any little way they can, it could be by taking their kids to tech events or even by encouraging them.

Do you have a mentor?

I don’t have a mentor but I have friends who have more experience than me and are always willing to help.

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