How Watching My Aunt’s Write Code Sparks My Interest in Tech- David McKay 

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, there are stories that inspire, stories of individuals who set out on a path less travelled, embracing the realm of coding, development, and endless possibilities. One such inspiring narrative is that of David McKay, a 19-year-old front-end developer with a passion for the digital world.

Discovering a Calling

David’s journey into the world of tech didn’t follow a conventional route. After graduating from high school, he found himself at a crossroads, uncertain about his career path. “I graduated high school in 2021, it over six months to finally decide what I wanted to go for, and took another 6 months looking for where to study Web development and I finally stumbled upon Rubies Code School” he said.

He added that he aspires to embark on his college journey as a software engineering student at the National Open University of Nigeria.

The Spark of Interest

“My interest in technology ignited at an early age. When I discovered my fascination with computers and programming, I was blown away, It all began with watching as my aunt wrote code to book a ticket for a customer”. Simple coding projects he tackled in school using platforms like Scratch also fueled his passion for tech. However, there was one unforgettable moment that truly sparked his fascination. A field trip to the airport opened his eyes to the incredible potential of technology, leaving a lasting impression that would shape his journey.

Coding for Progress

David’s commitment to his craft is unwavering. He’s working on a project that showcases his progress over the past year, collaborating with other developers and experiencing a sense of accomplishment as they bring their collective vision to life.

At an intermediate level in both JavaScript and the JavaScript framework, React, David recognizes the importance of consistent practice in mastering coding skills. “Javascript is still a work in progress, and I have noticed you have to code Javascript every day for you to know it, you can practice as much as you like in a day. But if you don’t do it the next day you might forget it. So I’m leaning towards projects that would require me to use Javascript, so I can be able to master it.” he added

Empowering a Nation Through Tech

Beyond his personal journey, David is deeply aware of the challenges Nigeria faces in terms of tech awareness. He envisions a future where youngsters can make informed decisions about their careers without having to graduate first. 

“The problem that Nigeria is facing is that, there isn’t much tech awareness, imagine me having to graduate first before having to decide what to do. I feel like with the power of tech, kids and teens would be able to make an affirmative decision before graduating and many people would be introduced to tech both young and old. 

A Bright Vision for the Future

David’s aspirations reach far and wide. In the next five years, he envisions using the knowledge he’s acquiring to make a substantial impact on his nation. His commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of society is a testament to his forward-thinking mindset.

Challenges of Young Tech Enthusiast

David acknowledges the evolving nature of work in the digital age. He notes that the work-life balance is changing, and communication is a challenge in this new paradigm. “I would say a lot of us suffer from the proper use of communication. That’s and the fact that we’re not used to the old system of an office, and the fact that everything is going digital, we expect the work-life balance to be more flexible.”

A Message to Aspiring Coders

To those considering a journey into the world of technology, David’s message is clear: “Go for it, it’s the best decision you can ever make. You won’t regret it. It might have its ups and downs, but you’ll never doubt your choice.”

Breaking Gender Barriers

David advocates for gender-inclusive tech education, believing that coding is not limited by gender. He encourages everyone to explore the world of technology without constraints. “Do not limit education to just one gender. Girls can code too,” he said.

Inspirations Along the Way

Like every pioneer, David has his sources of inspiration. He highlights YouTube channels, particularly ‘@developedbyed’ and ‘Web dev simplified,’ as instrumental in guiding his journey.

David McKay’s story is a testament to the power of determination and passion. As he continues to hone his skills and contribute to the ever-evolving tech world, his journey serves as an inspiration to us all.

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