How Has Rubies Technologies Impacted You? Humans of Rubies Tech Speak

How has rubies tech impacted you?

As Rubies Technologies Clocks 7 years this June, past and current staff of the organization have come out to express their experience and what the organization really means to them. Their testament was borne out of their experience with the organization, the staff and program Rubies Technologies embarks on. Excerpt…

Onabajo Henry Omotayo

What does Rubies Technologies mean to you?

It means an opportunity to grow and impact. I love their willingness to help beginners in the professional world grow. I also learnt many things working with the organization, now I have learnt how to schedule my day and prepare contingency plans in case of emergencies. 

Ajilore Daniel

Rubies Tech through its community and her culture, have set me apart with an advantage. I am now exposed to even greater opportunities in my chosen path of career.

Ajayi Olalekan 

Rubies Technologies has helped me to up skill myself in many areas. The organization trained me on UI UX design and digital marketing. On a personal level, the organization has helped me on how to manage people and how collaboration as an effective way to achieve success. I also appreciate the impact they are making around the world. In addition, the welfarism of staff and members is top-notch 

Ekwegh Chimuanya Divine

Rubies foundation has taught me so many things I have no idea of especially in terms of coding, skill development and creativity.”

Adefila Ayobami

Rubies Technologies means a lot to me. It is so dear to my heart. When I met my other colleagues in person in Ibadan. It was so special.i appreciate the unity and the care shown to one another. The organization has impacted me by bringing out the best in me. Io believe the organization will continue to grow by maintaining continuous unity and love while we continue to work with our whole heart 

Uchechukwu Ugochukwu 

Rubies Technologies means a transformation hub for my career development. You add value to my life in so many ways. I will forever hold rubies Technologies in my heart and will cherish being with you.

My favorite memory will forever be at the completion of my intern training. My training got extended due to some reasons and the training director with the assistant really provided guidance and concern that helped me to where I was today. It created a feeling of acceptance and tolerance and it was really a great experience. Rubies Tech has helped me professionally by developing good work culture habits, sense of responsibility, responding to tasks in a positive manner, turning up tasks before deadline. These has really developed my habits on approach to things of high priorities, and also the trainings for trainers also helped to learn of different ways to get productivity and efficiency. I appreciate the shift of mentality in tech it created in me, Rubies Tech really helped me pick up web development that I had little knowledge about and exposed me to a whole of lots of information that I don’t think I would have gotten anytime soon. I also appreciate Rubies for adding as an income earning to my work-life, and also for the wellbeing of their staff too.

Adesewa Oyinkansola Oyewole

Rubies Technology to me is a learning hub, a place where people are made. Not just the kids, but even down to the workers. Here, we are refined and prepped ready to take on the world. My favourite memory has to be the one on one meeting with the Founder. It was a very insightful meeting and has helped me in so many ways. Like I said earlier, Rubies Tech is a learning hub. Being a teenager, Interning here has opened my eyes more to taking responsibility, and being more disciplined and committed. I have also learnt how to communicate effectively and to push myself for more.I appreciate most of all the team love and joy. Everyone loves everyone and it’s not just a work space, it’s a family

Marvellous Taiwo

Rubies Technologies means everything to  me.  The organisation has helped me to multitask well. My favourite memory was the last end of the year hangout. I also love their bonuses and birthday gift.

Benedict Oyetunji

Rubies Technologies is a place of impact for me. Rubies has helped me to grow my tech skills and relate well with kids and time favourite experience working with Rubies Technologies is the Summer of Codes and Tours. I also love the bond and love

Christiana Olusegun

Rubies Technologies means a social enterprise with the vision of empowering kids around the world with digital skills. The organisation has impacted me through training sessions organised to help me grow and effectively deliver my duties. I love how they make the welfare of staff a top priority, the team nonding and a friendly workplace. I believe the organisation will continue to grow by fostering continuous team bonding and use of feedbacks

Adedeji Temiloluwa

Rubies Technologies. It has helped me to understand tech better

These testaments give us the courage to do more and impact more lives. Cheers to 7 years and more productive years ahead.

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