Celebrating 6 Years of Empowering Young Minds through Coding

We are delighted and honoured to celebrate a significant achievement – six extraordinary years of Rubies Technologies. This duration exemplifies our steadfast dedication to inspiring the younger generation in Africa and equipping them with digital knowledge for global relevance.

Today, we reflect on our journey and the tremendous impact we have made in the lives of young people through coding education and our efforts to ensure digital knowledge for all. Ever since our establishment, our mission has been to unlock the potential of Africa’s children and teenagers by imparting the art of coding, and providing them with a gateway to boundless opportunities.

Observing the remarkable growth and transformation in their problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and creativity has been truly awe-inspiring.

With the unwavering support of our team members, we have reached countless young minds across Africa and even beyond. Our relentless efforts have been focused on dismantling barriers and extending coding education to every corner, including places with limited or no exposure to digital resources.

The impact we have witnessed on the lives of these exceptionally talented individuals is truly remarkable.

However, our journey extends beyond coding education alone. We deeply recognize the significance of fostering connections, interactions, and community building among African children – a vital initiative in constructing a digital society. Hence, we have diligently organized boot camps and meetups to ensure that talented individuals, regardless of their circumstances, have ample opportunities to thrive.

As we celebrate this momentous milestone, we wholeheartedly express our gratitude to our dedicated team, invaluable partners, and passionate supporters. It is your unwavering belief in our mission that propels us forward and enables us to leave a lasting impact. Together, we have inspired young minds, ignited their passion for coding, and fostered a more inclusive and equitable landscape for Africa’s future technologists.

Reflecting on the past six years fills us with immense pride, while also fueling our determination to accomplish even more. We remain committed to expanding our reach, enhancing our programs, and continuously innovating to provide the best possible learning experiences for the young individuals we serve. With your continuous support, we are confident that the next six years and beyond will bring about even greater transformations.

Today, we celebrate the young lives we have touched, the dreams we have nurtured, and the futures we have transformed. Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey, and here’s to the next chapter of empowering Africa’s youth through tech education

With gratitude and renewed determination,

The Rubies Technologies’ Team

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