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Rubies Technologies to Host Kids and Teenagers at the 4th Edition of the Brace Conference

Rubies Technologies has revealed plans to hold the fourth edition of the Brace Conference with the theme: Building the Future of Creative Thinkers

The Brace Conference is a platform of Rubies Technologies to introduce, teach and encourage kids/teenagers on digital technology while empowering them with the knowledge of coding and programming in general. Rubies Technologies is a social enterprise organisation that equips and empowers kids with digital skills for global relevance, making young people fall in love with programming. 

At this conference kids/teens will learn and listen to children of their age group talk about what they have been working on and how technology has changed a lot of things about them. This platform helps kids be intentional about the change they want in society. 

Speakers scheduled to speak at this year’s conference include Mofiyinfoluwa Oluyide, a 14-year-old auspicious tech kid; Mojoyinoluwa Adesina, a young robotics and artificial intelligence legend; Abdulrahaaman Raufu, a 13-year-old Python developer; Olatide Badmus, 13-year-old UI/UX designer and web developer among others. 

For the past three years, the conference has been held annually and lots of kids and teenagers have been empowered as a result of this conference.

The first edition of the conference was held in August 2020, and the theme of the conference was ‘Emerging Technological Skills for Kids and Teenagers’. The speaker at the conference was Joshua Agboola a 10-year-old programmer and CEO at Joshfortech, a tech company he founded who spoke on ‘My Journey Into Tech So Far’.

Other speakers include Isaac Damian Ezirim, a social innovator and founder of Teens Can Code who spoke on the theme of the conference, and Delakaun Opemipo a 14 year–old software developer who spoke on ‘Why You Should Understand Programming’.

The second edition of the conference was held in August 2021, and the theme of the conference for that year was ‘Piloting Kids on Technology Craft’ while the panel discussion was ‘Going Beyond School Syllabus To Create Builders‘. At the edition of the conference, the speakers include Afolayan Oluwaseun, Aruna Afeez Abayomi, Glory Onuwa, Adeeko Emmanuel, Adeyinka Adetunji, and others. Oluwaseun is a full-stack software developer and Technical Writer with over 4 years of experience in building and

documenting tech products. He currently works as a lead developer at and as a technical writer for Logrocket while Afeez is a Common Purpose Alumni and a STEM Educator and he is passionate about infusing technology to catalyze great transformation in the Education sector using STEM.

The third edition of the conference was held in August 2022, and the theme of the conference was ‘Game Changer: Creating Avenue for Younger Generation to Thrive in Technology’. Speakers for this edition of the conference include Joshua Ogbonnia, founder of E-Skool Now Group, Uche Sussan, community manager at GenZtechies and others.

This year’s conference promises to be an immersive experience that will propel the technological skills of the young ones to new heights as it will allow them to learn, interact and network.

This Brace Conference is a virtual event and it is free to attend, it will take place on July 29, 2023. However, every intending participant is to register at 

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